Marc Rienow, Director of Facilities
Working with Save Energy Systems, I can see past performance and do basic diagnostics at any time without ever leaving my office. With the addition of air conditioning to our shops, having the Demand Limiting Controller in place has definitely helped us save in energy costs.
Sal DeMartinis, Director of Construction
I install the DLC system in all of my new clubs, I’ve gone back and retrofitted some old clubs and I’m even putting the system in my new office! The service and response time from Save Energy Systems is exceptional and they are always trying to improve a great product…like interfacing with the economizers to purge the club with outside air at night in response to COVID-19.
Joseph Zummo – Director of Engineering Sheraton-Stamford Hotel
Prior to installing the DLC from Save Energy Systems, my engineering team was constantly running around the building adjusting temperatures in various rooms and event spaces. Since the installation of the systems several things have happened; We can control everything from our phones so our productivity and efficiency has been greatly increased. I can manage the facility from home, if needed. I don’t need to run in if something needs to be changed and I get an alert if there is an issue. I can now prevent a small problem from growing to become a big one. The facility is much more comfortable. Save Energy installed zoning where we had none. This resulted in more comfortable spaces throughout the facility because each zone can now be set and managed to the event which is occurring at the moment. We saved energy and therefore saved money…a lot of money. There have been months where the energy savings made the difference between a profitable versus a loss month. I recommend Save Energy Systems to anyone with a facility with multiple HVAC units. Their response and support has been unparalleled. I can contact them any time and they respond promptly and efficiently, even on weekend. I will be installing the DLC in other facility as my role permits.
Bill Whalen - Core Fitness
During a meeting with Save Energy Systems where they presented our ROI analysis data since installing the DLC, I said, ‘When this first came to me I was very skeptical but, based on the strong recommendation from Al Buell at corporate, we went forward and invested in your system. Now, I’m a believer.
Gary Gresh – Sustainability Manager Cummings Properties Woburn, MA
Cummings Properties of Woburn MA has been conducting a pilot program with the Save Energy Systems DLC in its 24,000 square foot corporate office that has eight zones. According to Gary Gresh, Sustainability Manager at Cummings Properties, “The Save Energy Systems DLC provides automatic HVAC demand management control and optimization, along with other features typically found in higher-end BEMS. The alerts and data collected by the DLC have proactively kept us informed on many issues that needed attention. To date, the DLC has helped us save almost 20% per month on our electricity bill and we are looking forward to deploying the DLC in several of our other buildings.
Jeffrey Canniff – VP, Finance Windsor Locks, CT
After six months using the Save Energy Systems controller, we already have shown over 20 percent savings in our power usage and billings per month. July’s temperatures (2012) were the highest on record and we still show a decrease in usage/billings compared to last year. Over the first three months, after installation, we saved over $4,900. The heating and cooling in the building is now more consistent and efficient. We are very happy with Save Energy Systems DLC.
Jeff Thompson – President EDGE Tech Corp Ada, OK
Over a six month period from July to December 2011, we saved over $1,600, even though the summer of 2011 was the hottest in record, (Ada, Oklahoma). I figure we actually saved several thousand dollars with the DLC installed. If it hadn’t been there, our electric bills would have been much higher than last year. I’m looking forward to the continued savings.
Phil Paliotti - St. Michaels Church Lyons, NY
Our church had a real problem with heating expenses last year. The staff had been relocated to another Church miles away and the building was not being monitored. We had programmable thermostats with limited access, but staff members would often override the programs and then forget to set them back. This resulted in several entire weeks during the middle of winter where this large building was being heated to 68 with no one present. When special occasions arose outside the normal program, it was complicated for staff to change the program and with the long pre-heat times required it often took a special trip to the Church to change settings. We were happy to be a test site for the DLC. The web interface made it simple for staff to understand what was happening at the church and monitor the heating system. We have saved a lot on heat!