The DLC Provides Intelligent Energy Management And Precise Environmental Control To Any Commercial Facility

The Save Energy Systems DLC system has a comprehensive view across all your sites and units that can be accessed from a PC or mobile device.  The DLC knows the exact power consumption for each component, monitors all HVAC units installed at a facility, and then determines how best to minimize the energy consumption of each based on the temperature in each zone. For example, if it looks like energy consumption will exceed a specific power level at any time, the DLC can adjust the temperature within a zone, turning it off to allow another zone to turn on, ensuring peak power is kept below a defined limit. Since the DLC has a system-wide view, it knows which units are currently maintaining conditions within the set comfort zone, which are not, and how best to respond while ensuring overall energy demand does not exceed the threshold.  

– Multi-site central control-Portal

– Color coded, simplified view of each site

– Easy to make, temporary zone temperature adjustments

– Outbound notifications via E-mail and SMS

– Manage up to 254 thermostats per site

– No monthly fee

1. Monitoring/Notification and Support Basic Monitoring- (No Cost) Customer manages HVAC systems in house and receives automated alerts (text or email) when temperatures in air supply and/or zones differ from desired temperatures or a unit goes off line

2. Shared Monitoring- ($) Customer maintains their relationship with their mechanical contractor while collaborating with Save Energy Systems to better understand the DLC alerts, reports and historical data.

3. Advanced Monitoring- ($$) Customer introduces Save Energy Systems to each of their mechanical contractors. Each customer facility contacts SES for HVAC related service. SES trouble shoots the issue before dispatching customers HVAC mechanical contractor for service. SES communicates with tech on site providing detailed information gained from the DLC to shorten time to repair and confirm the results before  releasing service tech from site.