Preferred Vendors

Save Energy Systems is the preferred HVAC controls vendor for Plant Fitness franchisees, approved by Planet Fitness Headquarters (PFHQ), for energy efficiency. Planet Fitness Corporate has installed the DLC system in all corporate locations nationally.  By the end of  2018 that comprised 70+ locations in the US and Canada. Installations commenced August 2015 and continue today.

Anecdotally, in 2016, Planet Fitness corporate attributed over $350,000 in annual energy savings as compared to 2015 to Save Energy Systems Demand Limiting Controller (DLC).  As the number of clubs increase, so do the savings.

Pre-Negotiated Pricing

Planet Fitness Corporate has pre-negotiated pricing for all Planet Fitness franchisees. The pricing reflects a high number of installations and includes fixed charges for the individual components of the DLC system and installation. All installations include the supply duct remote sensor, which enhances the DLC capabilities to eliminate coil freeze, provides alerts for systems not operating within specification and reporting for diagnostics and analysis.

In addition to the DLC system, Planet Fitness franchisees receive a year of Shared monitoring by Save Energy Systems at no additional cost.

Discounts are applied for franchisees with multiple locations for renewal of software updates and monitoring services. They start with the 11th club and increase from there.

Available Dashboard

For those franchisees with three or more DLC systems, Save Energy Systems has created a custom portal for you to access your individual sites thorough a single point of entry. In this manner, all that’s needed to access all sites is a single URL.

Energy Management Made Easy

Save Energy Systems will do everything we can to make it easy for you to reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing energy expenses and increase profits while keeping your club(s) comfortable. It starts with an on-site visit to evaluate the facility, capture the HVAC unit data and prepare a detailed Statement of Work and estimate. From there we will coordinate with your IT personnel and schedule the install.

The install will take one to two days, depending on the number of units. Depending on the interior height of the facility, we may require a lift on site during the installation. Once installed the entire system is commissioned, tested for functionality and unit operations are verified. A final report is submitted along with the final invoice describing any faults found during installation. We will then work with your HVAC contractor to grant them access to the system, if desired. We work with dozens of franchisees that would be happy to share their experience.