PFIFA’s Geared Up

By Planet Fitness Independent Franchisee Association 2019

Running Hot and Cold

Energy management can sometimes feel like money is flying out the door each time a member comes and goes. There’s the cost of heating and cooling, repairs or even penalties to consider when you begin evaluating your overall energy system. And, understanding your energy usage is the first step in efficiently managing the load.

Steve Eddleston brought in partner Save Energy Systems to provide a network of proprietary thermostats and in-building servers that provide an overview of energy management for all of the franchise group’s locations. The move allowed KiwiMex Fitness to not only save money on a monthly basis, but repairs and handled more quickly and efficiently.

“We are better able to dispatch repair crews with more detailed information,” Eddleston explained. “For example, we can say, ‘RTU3 has not been supplying chilled air at 58 degrees since 3:20pm this afternoon, ‘ versus “The gym seems to be getting hotter.'” The maintenance company can then dispatch a technician who works with Save Energy Systems to verify the repair is completed and the system is working properly before leaving the location. “This has led to a huge improvement in lowering repair times and cost for all our HVAC equipment as well as having really reduced our utility bills in tandem,” added Eddleston.