About The DLC & About Us


The Save Energy Systems Demand-Limiting Controller (DLC) is a patented, intelligent, networked system that automatically manages and optimizes energy usage of HVAC systems at industrial, commercial and retail facilities. The DLC system uses distributed sensors and advanced logic to individually control all onsite HVAC compressors and fans, thereby reducing total maximum energy demand, kWh use, and overall power consumption. It also combines internal sensor data from discrete zones with external conditions to ensure optimal building conditions. Its operation are completely automated, while also providing on-line, managed control from any pc, tablet of phone, with appropriate credentials.

The Save Energy Systems DLC is designed specifically to reduce the demand charges associated with HVAC. It is a cost-saving product that enables precision control of most HVAC systems. It’s perfect for businesses such as health clubs, auto dealers, retailers, offices, and distribution/logistics warehouses. By installing our patented DLC system, businesses such as these can take advantage of the same energy-saving techniques employed by big corporations, and efficiently manage the equipment that’s the largest component of their energy bill: the HVAC system.

Past, Present, & Your Future


Founded in 2011, Save Energy Systems provides small to medium-size commercial facilities with automated, intelligent control and optimization of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Many of the features found in more expensive building energy management systems (BEMS) are incorporated into our system – at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, our Founder Paul Laskow owned a small manufacturing company in Massachusetts and was unable to find an affordable solution that was fully automated, simple to use and would reduce energy costs without impacting facility comfort.  So after selling the company and consulting for similar-size businesses across the country, he realized that there were millions of businesses dealing with the same issue and the solutions that were being offered were costly, complicated, or did not fully address the problem. He embarked on a two-year development effort to create the DLC.


Today, the DLC has been continually enhanced since its initial release, and has been approved by utilities as a viable energy-efficiency measure that qualifies for energy-efficiency incentive rebates. A rigorous third-party review process modeled the DLC’s performance across several building types before being approved by a utility technology review committee.


A growing list of clients across key vertical categories are benefiting from the impact the DLC is having on their bottom line. The DLC is ideal for a variety of applications: from a single facility to dashboards that incorporate multiple locations nationwide. Nearly any size facility, whether existing or recently built, can take advantage of the Save Energy Systems DLC to improve its HVAC control and reduce energy costs. By reducing energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, Save Energy Systems helps businesses reduce their impact on the environment.