Shave 30% off your Monthly Energy Bill with
Intelligent HVAC Management


The Demand Limiting Controller (DLC), developed by the energy efficiency experts at Save Energy Systems, is a patented system designed to reduce demand spikes and the monthly energy consumption of your commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system.

While most HVAC controls use timer or single data points for heating and cooling decisions, these often result in wasteful energy use and expensive demand charges when multiple units run at the same time.

Our DLC connects separate HVAC units to a centralized processor and uses artificial intelligence to provide dynamic management in response to live conditions, and smooth out your energy consumption. 

Powered by AI

Automated, efficient and optimized for comfort

Patented technology

Designed to reduce HVAC demand charges

Dynamic Management

Units only operate when and where they’re needed


How Electricity is Billed

Utility providers divide your energy bill into two broad categories:

Energy Consumption – The energy consumption charge is based on  total energy used over the month, multiplied by the energy price.

Energy Demand  – The energy demand charge is based on the highest rate of energy consumption in a 15 minute period (over the monthly billing cycle), multiplied by the demand price.

Explaining Demand Charges

Utilities can't store large amounts of electricity, so when you demand high volumes of energy at the same time, they’re forced to bring additional stations online to provide it.


Demand charges (different from peak energy, which is based on time of day) are how utilities recover this cost, creating an incentive for consumers to smooth out their energy consumption.


The purpose of the Demand Limiting Controller is to regulate energy use in order to avoid expensive demand spikes while reducing total consumption at the same time.


How the DLC Reduces Energy Costs

The DLC provides cost-reduction in two different ways:


1. By Flattening HVAC Demand Spikes

The DLC flattens expensive demand spikes using Dynamic System Management.

By letting units run only when and where they’re needed, and keeping multiple units from coming on at once, you can maintain optimal temperature conditions without drawing high volumes of energy.

Throughout the month, your utilities provider is presented with a smoother, more stable and predictable energy consumption, and you're rewarded with a significantly reduced demand charge.


2. By Decreasing Total Consumption

By combining internal sensor data, real-time weather conditions and historical data trends, the DLC can predict and automatically adapt to hourly and seasonal temperature fluctuations.

Our patented algorithms uses these data points to ensure that your HVAC system is using the minimum amount of energy required  throughout the month to maintain optimal temperature and humidity within 1/10th of a degree.

Pays for Itself While Reducing your Carbon Footprint

ROI in 18 months

Annual savings from the DLC typically cover the cost of the system within the first 18 months of operation, meaning the system pays for itself within a year and a half. Everything after is profit.

Proven Technology

Managing thousands of HVAC units and saving millions of dollars for our customers is proof positive that Save Energy System’s DLC is an effective solution HVAC systems management.


To date, the DLC has saved approximately 40,000,000 kWh of energy, equivalent to 36.8 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide. By saving you money while reducing your company’s carbon footprint, the DLC makes it easy to go green.

Take Back Control of your Energy Use

We wouldn’t expect any company to get involved with the DLC based solely on our claims. That’s why we let every new customer try the DLC risk free.

After using the system for no longer than three utility billing cycles, if you don’t feel that the DLC or Save Energy Systems is a good fit, we'll remove the DLC and return the original thermostats to prior working order.

We’re confident that once you’ve experienced the benefits of our technology, you won’t only keep the DLC, you’ll want to install it across all your other facilities too.

Save Energy System’s Demand Limited Controller is exceptionally cost-effective, leveraging real-time data to provide advanced logic to new and existing commercial HVAC systems.

Since 2012, our DLC has helped customers save tens of millions of dollars on energy costs for one simple reason: it works.

The DLC is a reliable and automated system that makes it easy to monitor temperature changes, set notification parameters and actively control temperature across all your facilities at all times.

  • Centralized Dashboard: Check on your facilities from anywhere in the world using our color coded and intuitive dashboard.
  • Active monitoring of our DLC system, with outbound notifications via E-mail or SMS
  • No monthly fee, 2-4 software updates per year
  • Straightforward temperature adjustments, up to 254 thermostats per site
  • We communicate directly with your HVAC contractor to make sure your system is operating smoothly


There are additional ways that the DLC can reduce the operating cost of your facilities. Talk to an energy efficiency expert at Save Energy Systems to learn more.