Interested in Saving Energy Costs at Your Club?

Significant Savings Possible with Patented HVAC Technology –

Typical ROI in just 18 months

Back in the 1970s, fitness club owners tried to save energy by turning off lights and air-conditioning and letting members sweat in the dark. This was not a winning strategy, as it wasted far more money in lost productivity than it saved in energy, hurt employee morale and, as you might guess, made many members unhappy.

As a Planet Fitness® owner or manager, you are well aware of your club(s) energy costs—but do you know just how much control you can potentially have over them?

When your club uses a lot of energy at once, you pay a Demand Charge: a fee that covers the cost of equipment necessary to provide uninterrupted power to a facility, no matter when or how much is used. It’s recalculated on a monthly basis based on the peak energy used each month (called the rate of consumption). In essence, the more energy you use at any given time, the more money you’ll pay for it.


So, how can you better manage your utility costs? The key to energy savings is being able to control demand and usage without compromising comfort.

A Better Way to Reduce Demand and Usage: Demand Limiting Controller (DLC)

Save Energy Systems, an associate partner member of PFIFC, has patented a one-of-a-kind energy savings system, the DLC. It consists of thermostats, sensors and a logic-containing controller designed specifically to reduce a company’s HVAC energy (demand and usage).

How the DLC saves energy:

  • Using artificial intelligence, the DLC knows the exact amount of energy an HVAC roof top unit will use before turning it on.
  • To save energy, the controller will shut off one unit before turning on another (as long as the zone temperature is comfortable), thereby reducing the amount of energy consumed by the HVAC systems.
  • By providing precision temperature control of HVAC systems, our DLC technology ensures savings, comfort and control—all at the same time.

Save Energy Systems maintains the most current version of software at our customers’ facilities and includes a daily backup of the database and security updates for the DLC controller, ensuring the HVAC system is performing as efficiently as possible. The DLC automatically sends real-time status alerts, which are key to managing multiple units across multiple sites. Our customer support services include managing the customer’s HVAC system and daily monitoring for consistency and accuracy to achieve optimal product performance.

Energy Efficiency: Why Save Energy Systems Is Planet Fitness’ Preferred HVAC Controls Vendor

We have installed the DLC system in over 350 Planet Fitness locations since 2015, including all corporate clubs nationally, saving corporate alone approximately $500K per year! 

Our customers save up to 30% annually on energy costs—and what’s more, the average DLC installation pays for itself in approximately 18 months. Not only do Save Energy Systems customers experience measurable benefits to their bottom line, they do so while reducing their carbon footprint, therefore being both fiscally AND socially responsible, making the world a better place for us all.  

But don’t just take our word for it…

From Sal DeMartinis, Director of Construction, Alder Partners, LLC, an independent franchisee of Planet Fitness:

“I install the DLC system in all of my new clubs, I’ve gone back and retrofitted some old clubs and I’m even putting the system in my new office! The service and response time from Save Energy Systems is exceptional and they are always trying to improve a great product…like interfacing with the economizers to purge the club with outside air at night in response to COVID-19.”

Actual benefits analysis from Planet Fitness franchisee Alder Partners:

  • The DLC is currently installed in 16 clubs
  • Online visibility allows assessment of club from any location and identifies specific issues, minimizing service calls
  • Reduces energy usage resulting in reduced expenses and reduced carbon output
  • Maintains a comfortable workout environment throughout the facility
  • Extends roof top unit life due to lower run time
  • Reduces repair time because the HVAC contractor knows what to look at right away

Save Energy Systems is an associate partner member of PFIFC. To learn more, visit or contact Craig Yancich, National Sales, at 508-514-1100 or