This week, the Save Energy Systems team is exhibiting at the national convention of the Planet Fitness Independent Franchisee Association (PFIFA) in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. If you’re attending the show and are responsible for paying your energy bills, we’d love to meet you on our booth: #415. The reason: we’re concerned about the health and fitness of your HVAC units.

We’ve been meeting with a lot of Planet Fitness franchisees recently. They’ve shared their concerns about their HVAC system. “It’s developed some annoying habits.” “It won’t listen to advice from others.” “It’s creating a bad environment for our members.” “It seems to be working long hours —even all night— without taking a break, and causing havoc with our energy bill.”

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

So, we’ve been on a mission to diagnose these HVAC units and make them fit again. We’ve visited dozens of locations, talked to the local managers, taken a few internal readings around the facility, and run some HVAC diagnostics. What we discovered: these HVAC systems weren’t faulty or in need of replacement: they just needed some good guidance and a regimen to make sure they don’t over-exert themselves.

Maintaining a perfect climate in any fitness center is difficult. The combination of highly active occupants, fitness equipment, bright lighting, and rooms of differing temperature requirements (workout vs. stretching vs. locker rooms, for example) pose unique challenges for a traditional, non-networked HVAC approach. Most Planet Fitness locations are cooled by 4-7 AC units, each with its own thermostat — but because they can’t talk to each other, it’s quite possible that all the AC units will run simultaneously, which drives up your energy bill with costly demand charges.

Our prescription: install a Demand-Limiting Controller (DLC) in your Planet Fitness facility. Designed specifically for multi-zone facilities like gyms and fitness centers, where accurate climate control is essential, the Save Energy Systems DLC is an intelligent, networked HVAC management system that tames errant HVAC systems and ensures a near-perfect environment in every zone. By installing the DLC as part of a simple retrofit, any Planet Fitness facility can implement advanced energy-saving techniques used by big corporations, and immediately reduce the largest component of their energy bill: their HVAC system.

Working in close collaboration with the Planet Fitness head office, we evaluated the potential for energy usage reduction at corporate locations across North America. We quickly identified the fastest path to energy savings: reduce the demand charges by centralizing monitoring and control of the different HVAC systems at all locations.

So far, 52 Planet Fitness locations have been retrofitted with the Save Energy Systems DLC technology, and feedback from club managers has been extremely positive. And beyond member comfort, these Planet Fitness has already saved more than $450,000 in aggregate, compared to previous energy bills.