Preferred Vendor

Energy Efficiency:  Why Save Energy Systems Is a Preferred Vendor of Planet Fitness for Energy Efficiency

We have installed the Save Energy Systems' Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) system in over 650 Planet Fitness locations since 2015, including all corporate clubs nationally, saving corporate alone more than half a million dollars per year! As the number of clubs increase, so do the savings. Our customers save significantly annually on energy costs and our HVAC Managed Services reduces the time employee spend managing their systems. What’s more, the average DLC installation pays for itself within 12-18 months. Not only do Save Energy Systems customers experience measurable benefits to their bottom line, they do so while improving the air quality within their facilities and reducing their carbon footprint, therefore being both fiscally AND corporate responsible, making the world a better place for us all.

Pre-Negotiated Pricing

Planet Fitness Corporate has pre-negotiated pricing for all Planet Fitness franchisees. The pricing reflects a high number of installations and includes fixed charges for the individual components of the DLC system and installation. All installations include the supply duct remote sensor, which enhances the DLC capabilities to eliminate coil freeze, provides alerts for systems not operating within specification and reporting for diagnostics and analysis.

Discounts are applied for franchisees with multiple locations for renewal of software updates and monitoring services. They start with the 11th club and increase from there.

Annual Energy Savings ~20% 

ROI Achieved in 12-18 Months

Installed in 650+ Locations

DLC + Managed Services = Savings of Money + Time

Available Dashboard

For those franchisees with three or more DLC systems, Save Energy Systems has created a custom portal for them to access their individual sites through a single point of entry. In this manner, a single URL is all that is needed to access all sites and see the dashboard to view facilities at a glance.

HVAC Managed Services = Energy Management Made Easy

  • Live customer support
  • Saves time and money on facility management
  • Provides HVAC troubleshooting and expertise
  • Allows for real-time verification of on-site HVAC technician work
  • Reduces HVAC technician visits and return visits
  • Resolves long-term HVAC related issues