Gengras is a well known automobile and motorcycle dealership. Starting out with only Ford, Gengras acquired a number of brands over many successful years including Volvo, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet, RAM, Honda, Harley-Davidson, along with their own Gengras Collision Center. Save Energy Systems was asked to install DLC systems in three of their locations so far and all facilities are now accessible By Marc Rienow, the Director of Facilities, 24/7/365 from wherever he may be at the time.


The Gengras’ Harley Davidson dealership was the second location to use the DLC control system. The original control system in place was not regulating temperatures properly and was in need of replacement. Instead of going with the HVAC manufacturer’s OEM system, Gengras opted to work with Save Energy Systems based on the experience and performance of the DLC system in the first facility installation, their Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealership across the street. Grengras needed a reliable, cost effective vendor to supply them with a system that would decrease the amount of money spending on their HVAC as well as provide them with a system that worked accurately and consistently.

Marc Rienow - Director of Facilities

The Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) from Save Energy Systems has provided me with HVAC control at multiple facilities from my desk or on the road. Working with Save Energy Systems, I can see past performance and do basic diagnostics at any time without ever leaving my office. With the addition of air conditioning to our shops, having the DLC in place has definitely helped us save in energy costs.






Save Energy Systems installed the DLC system in the Harley Davidson Dealership as well as two other Gengras locations as their energy efficiency solution. The Harley Davidson location in particular has a total of 8 HVAC units and 3 gas heaters that were able to be connected to the DLC. The installation at the Harley Davidson dealership took less than two days, with minimal interruption. A thermostat was put in place to control each HVAC unit. These thermostats were then networked back to a central controller, which managed them all concurrently and relative to one another. 

Feb 2014

First Installation

April 2014

Second Installation

Jan 2017

Third Installation


After using the DLC system in both the Chrysler and Harley facilities, with positive results, the Save Energy Systems DLC was the first choice when they newest facility, a Volvo facility was being built. Save Energy Systems worked with Marc to install the DLC system during the different phases of construction so energy savings and control were in place from day one. The DLC system is less expensive than most other energy efficient retrofits and has an extremely short ROI. The DLC system gave Gengras Automobile and Motorcycle Dealership the ability to take control of their HVAC systems, reduce its overall energy consumption, and have a meaningful impact on its carbon footprint. Gengras still works Save Energy Systems as we continue to lower the cost of their electricity bill and energy being used at each facility.



The Gengras automobile and motorcycle dealerships are some of the many facilities that Save Energy Systems has helped accomplish cut backs on utility bills. To see how other companies like using the DLC read our other three case studies.