Cummings Properties is one of the largest private real estate management companies in the northeastern U.S. This location had 26,000 square feet and eight zones.



The company has taken leadership positions with respect to sustainability and energy efficiency efforts that have the dual benefit of helping the planet and improving the company’s bottom line results. They were looking to identify ways to reduce energy usage and save money.


The Save Energy Systems Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) was installed in just one day at the corporate office to evaluate the automated HVAC control and optimization performance and functionality (including offsite access and reporting).


The DLC was easy to deploy and use. In addition to the automated HVAC control, the DLC collected data on the building’s performance that helped identify malfunctioning HVAC components and other energy efficiency measures that could further increase energy efficiency and provide additional savings. Although the facility had previously implemented a number of energy efficiency measures, kWh and demand kW were reduced by 7.8% and 11.9% respectively, over a six-month period. ROI tracking for less than 15 months and based on system cost and 18 manual hours of labor to install and setup.

—Gary Gresh, Sustainability Manager for Cummings Properties

The DLC provides automatic HVAC demand management control and optimization, along with other features typically found in higher-end BEMS. The alerts and data collected by the DLC have proactively kept us informed on many issues that needed attention. The DLC has helped us save up to 20% on our electricity bill and we are looking forward to deploying the system in several of our other buildings.”


A growing list of clients across key vertical categories are benefiting from the impact the DLC is having on their bottom line. The DLC is ideal for a variety of applications: from a single facility to dashboards that incorporate multiple locations nationwide.

Nearly any size facility, whether existing or recently built, can take advantage of the Save Energy Systems DLC to improve its HVAC control and reduce energy costs. By reducing energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, Save Energy Systems helps businesses reduce their impact on the environment.


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