360 Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Windsor Locks, CT operates several branches outside of the Hartford CT, area. The location for the install was 23,000 square feet with six zones.


Since this is the main office, the bank’s back office functions are performed at this location, as well as providing retail banking for their customers.  Due to the different departments within the facility, there were different work hours.

The client was looking for a simple, cost effective way to reduce energy costs, and NKkeep productivity high by maintaining a consistently comfortable environment. Given the resources, and limited knowledge of energy management, the client was adverse to any system that required hands-on monitoring to assess data and make adjustments in order to achieve energy savings.



The Save Energy Systems Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) provided a simple intuitive interface that delivered automated, intelligent energy management. The system continuously monitors ambient temperatures within each zone, the current outside temperature and forecast to optimize the HVAC units’ energy use while maintaining the desired comfort setting within the facility.

With the DLC in place, the facilities manager could sit at his computer and monitor/manage the entire facility.  The training room was not used consistently so the DLC was set up to allow the managers to lower the room temperature for a period of time, on an as required basis, thereby only cooling the room when it was in use and automatically returning to normal programming after use.


in the overall electric bill after 4 weeks



After just four weeks of use, the credit union was able to see a 10% reduction in the overall electric bill, as compared to the prior year. ROI for the equipment and installation of the DLC was achieved in less than five months, 360 FCU saw 30% savings on electric bills vs. 2011, the DLC was easy to use and it contributed to a more consistent and comfortable workplace overall. 360DCU continues to see a 27% savings year over year!

—Jeffrey Canniff , VP & Finance

After six months using the Save Energy Systems controller, we already have shown over 20% savings in our power usage and billings per month. July’s temperatures (2012) were the highest on record and we still show a decrease in usage/billings compared to last year. Over the first three months, after installation, we saved over $4,900. The heating and cooling in the building is now more consistent and efficient. We are very happy with Save Energy Systems DLC.”

Despite record 2012 summer temperatures across the state, the Save Energy Systems DLC saved over $4,900 in just three months (20% reduction vs. 2011). The other branches without the controller installed all realized increases between 9-14% during the same time period. When Cooling Degree Days (or variances in weather year to year) are taken into account, the savings climbs to 30%.