Paul Laskow

Paul Laskow is the founder and President of Save Energy Systems.  He is the chief architect of the Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) system, the company’s patented energy-saving controller for commercial facilities.

Paul received his BSEE from Northeastern University and an MBA from Clark University.  He started work at Digital Equipment Corporation and from there, at age 27, started Electronic Designs Inc. (EDI) with a partner.  At EDI, Paul and his partner designed the first Single In-Line Memory Module (SIMM) which has evolved into the memory modules used today for most personal computers.  Paul sold his interest in the company and started working at Raytheon. 

Paul worked at Raytheon in microelectronics.  From Raytheon, he left and started Micro Electronics Technologies, which is where he became interested in energy conservation.  After looking for a system to help him reduce demand costs for small to medium-sized businesses and not finding one, Paul began to develop the concepts for the DLC. 

When Paul sold Micro Electronics Technologies, he became a business consultant, working with companies to install MRP systems and improve manufacturing efficiency.  It was during this time he was able to design and prototype the DLC.