Save Energy Systems was launched in January 2012 and has grown steadily since.  The Demand Limiting Controller, also known as the DLC, is installed in hundreds of locations in over 30 states. 

Save Energy Systems was founded by Paul Laskow, president and owner, who sought to remedy an energy consumption issue he was experiencing at his electronics manufacturing facility.  After not being able to find a company that offered the solution he was looking for, he created an innovative - and now patented - approach to HVAC controls that allows for the reduction of a facility's HVAC related energy consumption and demand, reducing a facility's energy bill by an average of 30%.

As an energy efficiency company, Save Energy Systems is focused on providing small to mid-sized facilities with a level of HVAC control functionality that is equal to, or better than, what is available in large management systems – all for an affordable price and without reducing comfort.  Our patented Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) is an innovative system that prevents all of the units from coming on at once while maintaining a comfortable temperature. The result:  reduced energy costs for our customers and less impact on the environment.

Our track record speaks for itself...since 2012, we have installed hundreds of systems, saving, in aggregate, millions of kilowatts/kilowatt-hours and achieving a combined savings of millions of dollars for our customers. We are not only saving our customers money but we are also doing our collective part in saving the environment!


Founded in 2011, Save Energy Systems provides small to medium-size commercial facilities with automated, intelligent control and optimization of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Many of the features found in more expensive building energy management systems (BEMS) are incorporated into our system – at a fraction of the cost.


Today, the DLC has been continually enhanced since its initial release, and has been approved by utilities as a viable energy-efficiency measure that qualifies for energy-efficiency incentive rebates. A rigorous third-party review process modeled the DLC’s performance across several building types before being approved by a utility technology review committee.


A growing list of clients across key vertical categories are benefiting from the impact the DLC is having on their bottom line. The DLC is ideal for a variety of applications: from a single facility to dashboards that incorporate multiple locations nationwide. Nearly any size facility, whether existing or recently built, can take advantage of the Save Energy Systems DLC to improve its HVAC control and reduce energy costs. By reducing energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, Save Energy Systems helps businesses reduce their impact on the environment.

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