Hotel Industry

Hotel management is concerned about effective use of staff and minimizing operating costs.  Rather than having the engineering staff constantly running throughout the hotel to adjust temperatures for the needs of the guests, hotels can install the DLC to manage temperatures from a computer, tablet or phone. After installing the DLC with precision zoning, the staff is able to schedule events ahead of time, to allow for room conditioning when needed for only as long as needed. We can provide the front-desk staff with access to the DLC application that enables them to adjust common room temperatures anywhere in the hotel, providing even greater efficiency. This Save Energy Systems solution delivers a more constant and consistent climate throughout the hotel, in addition to bottom-line savings.

Auto Dealerships

Facility managers at auto dealers often have multiple locations under their purview. The DLC allows them to review and deal with issues while off-site. Also, the scheduling feature allows the user to reduce both demand and use by managing units in each section of the facility to their specific time requirements.

Distribution Facilities

These tend to be large facilities with a combination of office and warehouse space. The fan ventilation feature built into the DLC allows users to maintain a comfortable temperature in the warehouse by ventilating the warehouse using outside air, provided the outside temperature is within user defined parameters. This useful feature, combined with HVAC management for the office environment, creates a more comfortable facility for all employees, while reducing energy consumption.