Utility Energy Incentives

Energy Incentive Programs

Financial incentives are an important instrument for spurring investment in energy-efficient technologies and services. These incentives can make energy-efficiency investments by commercial and industrial energy users more attractive by lowering upfront costs and reducing the payback time. Many financial incentives are offered at the state level through state government agencies and utilities. Utilities offer a wide array of incentives, funded by ratepayers, that aim to incentivize businesses to invest in technologies that reduce their energy consumption.

Save Energy Systems works with our customers to identify and apply for energy incentive programs offered by their local utility. Since it reduces overall energy usage, and especially maximum energy load, the Save Energy Systems DLC system often qualifies for some form of utility-sponsored energy rebate. The DLC has received funding from multiple utilities under the custom application program. Each customer location is unique, with various numbers and types of HVAC units, so there is not a “one solution fits all” program (as there is with LED lights). If requested, Save Energy Systems will work with you to apply for the incentive from your utility.

Funding for the DLC ranges from 20-40% of the total installed cost, which can further accelerate the already attractive ROI of the DLC system. There are usually some restrictions, which may include:

  • The project ROI must be greater than one year. If less than a year, no incentive is available. The thinking is that with an ROI of less than a year, it’s something you should do without the incentive.
  • Each project is evaluated individually and must meet the incentive criteria. No incentive is available if the criteria are not met.
  • If an incentive is provided by the utility company, the DLC system must remain with the facility, even if the business relocates.

Save Energy Systems has worked with National Grid, NSTAR, Unitil, NH Power and Electric, and Eversource.

NOTE: Save Energy Systems charges an up-front fee to complete the energy-reduction incentives application, regardless of whether the incentive is granted or not. This fee covers our initial research to identify available incentive programs, engineering, completion and submission of the incentive application, and managing the entire process with your local utility. Any incentive granted by the utility goes directly to the customer, not to Save Energy Systems.