Energy News: Can You Hear Us Out There?


Energy Efficiency Flash Update

Can you hear us?

It’s no secret that the cheapest, cleanest, and safest form of energy is the energy you don’t use. So how are you using less?

Maybe you’ve checked off the easy, low-hanging fruit and converted your facility to LED lighting.  That makes sense. But do you know that the energy used to condition air within a facility represents 40-60% of most businesses’ electric bill?

Simple, innovative solutions that reduce energy costs for businesses.

We are encouraged by initial deployment results and feedback we’ve received from companies that have deployed our system to automatically control and optimize their HVAC units and reduce their electric costs – significantly!  We will be sharing more in-depth information and case studies soon but we’re just getting started

Meanwhile, here are just a few success stories…

A senior executive at a company with 6 roof-top units offered up that despite the severe weather, in just two months of use, the Save Energy Systems DLC had saved $2800 (approx 16% reduction on their electric bill) and employees “could not remember the facility being so consistently comfortable”.  Given the anticipated performance into the shoulder season, we expect they will achieve a ROI in under 7 months!

Another single story facility with 8 roof-top units deployed the DLC, but had also executed a number of energy efficiency measures in the past 1-2 years.  That said, they still report savings in the high single digits and significant value from the remote access, intuitive interface and data being collected by the system on their facility.  In one situation, the system helped call attention to a malfunctioning economizer that needed service, something they would not have been realized without the DLC.  The reports and trending data also pointed to higher than normal run time on a couple of units that was addressed by adding reflective window tint on the SW facing portion of the building.

A smaller sized light industrial building with 4 roof-top units deployed the DLC and realized kWh and Demand savings in the 12-13% range despite the “new normal” temperatures they had this summer… The intelligent optimization and control the DLC provides also helped to ensure they were not wasting energy when the building was unoccupied, but still at the appropriate temperature to maximize productivity as each workday started.

Stay Tuned!

Given that 85% of the commercial buildings in the U.S. alone are less than 50,000 SQ FT, Save Energy Systems believes that in the total aggregate, we can help SMBs play a significant role in energy efficiency while increasing their profitability.