How To Tame Your HVAC

As the facilities manager in a corporation, it’s your responsibility to manage the design, planning, construction and maintenance of equipment, machinery and buildings. A big part of that responsibility is to deliver the best physical environment for your customers and co-workers in the most cost-effective way. What we hear from facilities managers is that managing the HVAC systems is a significant and difficult part their job.

The ongoing issues and costs of running and maintaining the HVAC systems within your facilities consume significant time and effort. Responding to help requests from occupants whose building zone is too hot or too cold; going from thermostat to thermostat to adjust set-points; verifying unit operations and maintenance — these are all time-consuming operations that can be minimized and streamlined with the Save Energy Systems Demand-Limiting Controller (DLC).

Simplify Your Job

The DLC system applies industrial-strength energy-efficiency algorithms and monitoring capabilities to end your HVAC chaos. By centralizing management and control of all your HVAC units, it eliminates HVAC babysitting from your schedule, reduces your energy costs, and enables you to minimize your carbon footprint to meet your overall sustainability objectives.

The patented DLC system manages each zone within the facility to its user-defined set point while simultaneously managing the peak demand power used by all the HVAC equipment. This, in conjunction with the internet-based clock and temperature monitoring, along with the smart-start feature makes sure the temperatures within all work zones at optimum settings when your customers and co-workers arrive at the facility — and that the units are shut off at the end of the work day.

Built-in monitoring alerts inform you if any HVAC unit is not delivering the correct supply temperatures, when filters need replacement, when compressors need maintenance, and if a zone temperature exceeds or drops below user-defined limits. In addition, the DLC system can eliminate coil freeze-up by monitoring supply temperatures and turning off the compressor while keeping the fan running if the supply temperature drops too low, saving you from a service call and an uncomfortable environment.

Serious Bottom-Line Savings And A Strong ROI

The Save Energy Systems DLC typically shaves 12-25% off a utility bill, but savings can be even higher (depending on the number, age and maintenance of the units along with any controls that may already be in place). So, if your utility bill is $4,000 per month, with a typical 20% reduction, you will save $800 per month, on average, per facility. Over a year, that can be $9,600 per facility. If you have 10 facilities, that’s $96,000 annually — and if there are 50 locations, that’s $480,000. In fact, we have delivered and exceeded that scale of savings for a customer. Better yet, the return on investment is typically 12-24 months, increasing the bottom line significantly in a relatively short time.