Simplify Your Job

As a C-Level executive in a corporation, it’s your responsibility to deliver the best financial results to your shareholders while still providing the best working environment for your employees. Simultaneously it’s the corporations social responsibility to minimize your carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly. These goals can occasionally be in conflict with one another. The Save Energy System energy efficiency control system, the Demand Limiting Controller (DLC), fulfills all of these objectives and more.

The Power Of The DLC

The patented DLC manages each zone within the facility to its user defined set point while simultaneously managing the peak demand power used by all the HVAC equipment. This, in conjunction with the internet based clock, outdoor temperature monitoring and smart start makes sure the temperatures within the work zones are proper when your employees arrive to work and that the units are shut off at the end of the work day.


Projected savings generally run in the 12-25% range of the total utility bill, but occasionally they run even higher. The variance comes from the number, age and maintenance of the units along with any controls which may already be in place. What that means to you is that if your utility bill is $4,000 per month, with a typical 20% reduction, you will save $800 per month, on the average, per facility. Over a year that can accumulate to $9,600. If you have 10 facilities, that’s $96,000 annually and if there are 50 locations, that’s $480,000. With an ROI that is typically 12-24 months, this means that after an average of 18 months, you’re increasing pretax profits by $40,000 monthly, with only 50 locations.